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By: P. K. Malik on 23/04/2015 for NHReL
Dr. S. Dalal Agri-Eco Research Lab

The Nidana model of Biological control of Pests
NH Case Study 11: 'Historical Khap resolution on Pests and Pesticides'

Material Received From: Ch. Kuldeep Singh Dhandha, Coordinator, Sarvkhap Panchayat Haryana

Take it as an official learning of how Khaps work: This whole case study is an alive and most fresh evident cum example of learning on 'what is the process of calling a Khap Mahapanchayat and how its proceedings take place'. This end to end study tells the curious and investigators on how really the every Khap Panchayat is different from any local gathering of 4-5 people and how they bear a full technical process of calling up on Khap until its closing.

Below details will take the reader through that a Khap is usually called up on by writing an official letter to one of official Khap President or Sectary. Then Khap responds back on that call with acceptance or rejection of the case depending on how it is concenred to masses and what its urgency or sensitivity is. After studying and rehearshing the case thoroughly, they call upon the jury selection to form the decision making body by choosing the experienced and probable unbiased judges, which in local are called as "Panch" or "Panchayati" and then these Panches resolve the matter in a full fledged public hearing on the spot. Then the organizer or coordinator of the meeting announces the closing of the Khap Panchayat by issuing the memorendum on resolution made in Panchayat to concerned stakeholders, affected, interested or concerned persons.

Phase 1: Calling upon Khap letter sent to them by grieved/affected/concerned farmers:

Phase 2: Series of Khap-Khet-Keet Workshops:
  1. निडाना किसान खेत पाठशाला सत्र - २०१२

  2. खेत-कीट किसान पाठशाला निडाना-ललित खेड़ा-राजपुरा-भैण - २०१३

  3. निडाना किसान खेत पाठशाला सत्र - २०१४

  4. निडाना किसान खेत पाठशाला सत्र - २०१४ - "कीटावली"

Phase 3: Sarvkhap Mahapanchayat on Kisan-Keet dispute, Nidana: After a three years of thoroughly study and investigations a final Mahapanchayat was called upon on 20th February 2015, at Nidana nagri of Jind District in Haryana. Below are the proceedings with mahaphanchayat including jury selection, jury calling, panchayat sitting, hearings, recommendations, conclusions and final communication to public and stakeholders:

Phase 4: Final copy of Jury Recommendations:

Jai Dada Nagar Kheda Bada Bir

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