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Nidana Village Literacy Index

Nidana Village Schools Board Exam Results:

Batch: 2010-11
All Nidana Merits
All merit students, both studied in or out of Nidana schools Partially Available
All Nidana Passouts
All pass-outs, both studied in or out of Nidana schools Coming Soon
Specific to school complete result
Govt. Boys High School Coming Soon
Govt. Girls High School Coming Soon
Suraj High School Available
Jai Bharat High School Coming Soon
Daffodils Public School Available
Nidana Literacy Index
All Nidana Literates
List of all who have passed a minimum of middle education board exams up to highest levels like Graduates, Masters, Ph. D.’s. Coming Soon

Distinctive Young Students of village and village origin (all under masters-recent three years):

Achievement Brief
Mr. Tushar Malik S/o Sh. Badan Singh Malik
Director Studies in Film Industry
Offer from Warner Brothers, 2 times NIFT Qualifed, Film City Rohtak
Mr. Rohit Malik S/o Sh. Dharmpal Malik
Hotel Management and Tourism Studies
West London College, London, U.K.
Mr. Pardeep Malik S/o Sh. Satyawan Malik
Meborne Australia
Miss. Pooja D/o Sh. Vedpal Malik
Went for 1 year training to Australia

Request for Information: If you find/know any such talented person/student across caste/religion/sex from our village, please send us the minimum details (name, father/mother name, discipline/domain/field of work, distinctive/remarkable achiviement brief) of that person to us at nidanaheights@gmail.com. We are engaged in a mission to enlist all such hidden/unknown/known talent of village at this page and can create new section/portion for any unknow category depending on information sent by you. Criterias for getting a name in this list is as follows:

  1. Students who have attained merits/positions at Districts/State level in board exam classes.

  2. Students who went abroad for Higher Studies.

  3. Students who took uncommon routs to new career horizons.

  4. Students who have performed distinctively and won any of first three positions in any of following extra-curricular activites: Theatre, Stage Dramas, Art, Painting Competition, Science Exhibitions, Researches and Conferences. It includes participation/position won or both if it is of International, National, Inter-State or Inter-University Level. A position of first three won if it is of State, Inter-districts, inter-college or school level. Or holds the certificate of merit/excellence in these disciplines.

Note: More data is to come and will be updated as we receive it.

Jai Dada Nagar Kheda Bada Bir

Author: P. K. Malik

Dated: 23/06/2012

Publisher: NHReL

  • NH Advisory Board

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