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Description: Below is the record of items published in various english version sections of website since 10/06/2012, which first time appeared on homepage of website and later on archived here.


The Nidana model of Biological control of Pests

NHCS-11: 'Historical Khap resolution on Pests and Pesticides'. This whole case study is an alive and most fresh evident cum example of learning ...... read more (46 - 23/04/2015)

Visit - www.khapland.in to know about the ancient-most social democratic centeral liberal theory 'Khapology'!

(45 - 29/04/2017)

2nd International Conference on Contribution of


held at South Hall, London, England on 27th August, 2016!

Read/Download presentation on same by clicking anywhere on this line itself!

(44 - 27/08/2016)

1255 selective Haryanvi audios on NH now

Haryana reformation day i.e. 1st November gift from Nidana Heights!

In addition to lastly 414 audios stock of Haryanvi Ragnies, Folklores, Movie Songs and Album Items, NH has now trippled (slightly more) its stock to 1255 items in total. Also the audio section has now been divided into three sub-sections as follows - Kisse (Authorwise), Kisse (Singerwise), General Folks; all accessible at single navigation. (43 - 01/11/2014)
Magnificent masonry Tanks of yore
People living in the Thar Desert, including the large
sandy region of south-western Haryana, used pucca talaabs or masonry tanks for storing water. People in this region were aware that runoff ...... read more (42 - 28/08/2014)
Harywood in Bollywood
What kind of experiments, creativity on the name of Haryana and Haryavinism Bollywood has yielded, Nidana Heights brings you the
presentative glimpse of same. There are around 45 films categorized in three categories so far. Our try would not only be just mentioning rather providing an ......read more (41 - 27/07/2014)
Sarv-Khap organizational setup and its significance
An in detailed study about philosophical and psychological
approach of an ages old system of social engineering. A democratic and decentralized system of functioning that got first official recognition in 643 CE much ahead of the 'Paris Commune' of 1789 CE. ...... read more (40 - 05/01/2014)
Farmer's P&L
Study includes both Farmer (owner of land) and Peasant (Land taken on lease). Endless
story of pain and stressfull life of a farmer explaining taking Sugarcane one year periodic crop as an example. ...... read more (39 - 03/12/2013)
Salvaging Heritage
THE sun can steal water from open ponds and masonary tanks but cannot do so from
kunds and tankaas. Kunds or kundis, as they are called in rural Haryana, owe their name to their particular shape and structural features ...... read more (38 - 30/11/2013)
NH Reviews/Analysis/Critics
NH brings you its latest section started for review and analysis
of various bollywood releases from local cultural aspects and contexts. In its first release NH presents review of two bollywood movies and one most famous daily opera. ...... read more (37 - 18/11/2013)
Shades of Ratnawali
Here is a wonderful presentation of different
shades of the holy Mahakumbh of Haryanvi Art-Folk and Culture held on the occasion of 1st November the re-organization day of Haryana! ...... read more (36 - 01/11/2013)
Ratnawali 2013 - Haryana Day Youth Festival
Here comes another prodigy (KUMBH) of Haryanvi Culture Empowerment and Preservation to be held in mesmerising campus of
Kurukshetra University from 27th to 30th October 2013. It has now become a traditional ...... read more (35 - 12/10/2013)
Saanjhi: The folk art
SANJHI is the mother goddess to all girls throughout Haryana. To make the image of Sanjhi, the versatile and malleable mud is moulded into various shapes. Star-studded
...... read more (34 - 11/10/2013)
The magnificent kuans and baolis of Haryana
HUMAN survival without water is impossible. But survival with a little water is not short of a
wonder. The many ways in which we use water indicates that fresh, clean and potable water is available in plenty and we hardly need to take steps for its conservation. ...... read more (33 - 15/09/2013)
Muzaffarnagar Riots
It all began when Badshah Bahadur Shaah Zafar himself wrote a letter to All India
SarvKhap’ HQ - Shohrem just before the 1857 mutiny could began, calling them to ...... read more (32 - 10/09/2013)
Pedigree of Ghardhyala Thola
Smallest unit of Nidana population is single person, then it forms groups in
following hierarchy: Single Person > Family > Thola > Dhoong > Panna > Caste > Village ...... read more (31 - 01/09/2013)
Crumbling Heritage of Haryana
IT seems the ancient people of Haryana were not entirely
satisfied with the construction of wells, kunds, kundis and masonary tanks and wanted to further innovate the existing techniques or build newer and more durable devices for ...... read more (30 - 24/08/2013)
Heritage of Riyasat of Jind
Jind was one of the states of Phulkian clan rulers among
which the Patiala rulers were the elders or more powerful. Raja Gajpat Singh of Jind built a fort ...... read more (29 - 01/08/2013)
Fading antiquities of Lakhan Majra
Although the Sikh shrine in Lakhan Majra has somewhat
eclipsed the historical significance of this village of Rathi Jats, its own antiquity is no less interesting. Settlers occupied this ...... read more (28 - 28/07/2013)
Fading frescoes of Haryana
Although the character of villages and towns has gone considerable change over the last two centuries, the vestiges of wall paintings still available throughout Haryana serve as an
important tool to peep into the lifestyles of the ruling classes, the trading community as well as the peasantry of the state ...... read more (27 - 27/07/2013)
Khaas about Farmana Khaas
SOME of the village communities in Haryana like those at
Farmana Khaas are fairly old and offer unique opportunities to the study of rural life in this. ...... read more (26 - 20/07/2013)
On the trail of Rabaris
Herdsmen start arriving in Haryana from the drought-hit Marwar region every summer. It starts as early as March in
that. ...... read more (25 - 09/07/2013)
A tryst with traditional woodcrafts in Haryana
The phenomenon of creative expression in several art forms in woodcrafts in relation to domestic architecture as well as utility goods
can be evidenced from the relics left behind by Masters in Haryana. Several specimens of their amazingly fine skill came to be noticed in mansions of yore in villages and ...... read more (24 - 07/07/2013)
Need to conserve Kalsia Sikh’s heritage at Chhachhrauli
Until the late half of the
eighteenth century nobody ever heard of Chhachrauli, a small principality founded by Sirdar Goorbaksh Singh of Karora-Singhia confederacy. In the time of the later Moghuls when their empire was shattering. ...... read more (23 - 02/07/2013)
Art of Kumhaars
How many names on our tips can we count today of those potters of yore who had been
doing artwork in our thousands of villages and hundreds of towns of Haryana? Perhaps not even more than one or two ....... read more (22 - 21/06/2013)
Antiquities of Hodal
Hodal is known for three reasons: firstly, Maharani
Kishori Devi of Bharatpur, belonged to this place; secondly, it is the head village of a group of 24 villages inhabited by the Sorot Jat clan; and thirdly, an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Krishna is situated here ....... read more (21 - 20/06/2013)
Changes in Villages
The villages in Haryana may look similar in outward
appearance but inwardly they have unusual features and individuality that can be discovered in meticulous in details only ....... read more (20 - 05/06/2013)
The Splendour of Chaupal
The most splendidly built
community building that can be located in the villages of Haryana,particularly the Jats, is a Chaupal. With all its grandeur in respect of architectural elements, embellishments in ....... read more (19 - 02/06/2013)
Gender ratio issue in Haryana
Haryana need to launch another study to know what is its natural birth ratio and what
is female feticide index against it. What impact the expatriates putting on local sex ratio and consensus counting? And many other may/could be reasons. Let’s put a dawning look into some of these in details ....... read more (18 - 05/05/2013)
Hang on a minute Akhtar Saheb and kindly listen
Yesterday's (22nd April) exhaustion by you in parliament was nothing but a mere
ceremony to divert the attention of public similar to the way done by Delhi Police Commissioner and Home Minister pertaining to this particular incident ....... read more (17 - 23/04/2013)
Indian Honor System and Farmer
There should be a proper reward and honor system in agriculture which should entail
from root level to national level like for and in other working classes.......read more (16 - 28/02/2013)
Marriage Anthropology
Driven because of excessively and one sidedly face-washing of selective communities on the name of their traits, trends,
values and customs about an holisitic custom of ...... read more (15 - 12/02/2013)
Honor Killing
Is it taken as really an issue or as a mean of soft-targeting? Author challenges the true intention of Shakti-Vahini behind their research ....... read more (14 - 07/01/2013)
Types of Love
This article is a try to differentiate between the true love, and lust (erotica). Author uses the famous theory of love
given by C.S. Lewis to understand the pros and cons of love ....... read more (13 - 01/01/2013)
Woman as a commodity
Under the dark shadows of recently held gang rape in national capital premises, author sees issues in social fabric ...... read more (12 - 19/12/2012)
Cultural Slavery
Will we ever be able to free ourselves from colonial slavery now shaping-up as cultural slavery? It's the matter of directing oneself in the direction of self-
realization and ....... read more (11 - 22/11/2012)
Gotra System
Gotra of Kheda defines not only ones blood relation but geographical origin, social identity, ancestral pride
and above all the gender equality ...... read more (10 - 21/10/2012)
Property Distribution
And it’s the bitter truth of society that the relations which are proclaimed to be so holiest
in canopy of fire altar are lived under such threats in real ....... read more (9 - 19/10/2012)
The Original Haryana
The Haryanav which lives across the banks and plains of Ganges-Yamuna-Sarswati-Sutlej ...... read more (8 - 16/09/2012)
Economy of Nidana
Prevailing through the ages of "Jhota Flying" and "Nidana Protection Force" let's envisage
the village' current economic engines ....... read more (7 - 31/08/2012)
Architecture of Nidana
A glimpse of Nidana Village House and Building Engineering System and its journey through
small brick to modern housing art ....... read more (6 - 04/08/2012)
Local Vocal Tips
Pronunciation, meanings and sense of verbal phrases in local terms. Also read a chart on
what exactly Haryana stands for and what is Haryanav ....... read more (5 - 30/07/2012)
Right to price of crope
Putting the children of farming community into main stream
and learning process versus what if farmer ....... read more (4 - 18/07/2012)
NH Study Center
Online study material on selective topics of Maths and English. Recently updated Prepositions and Flora-Fauna vocab ....... read more (3 - 06/07/2012)
Agri Ethics versus Corporate
Bringing some such points
to light about agri mannerism, behavior and its professional ethics ....... read more (2 - 24/06/2012)
Village Costumes and Local Arts
A wonderful depiction of routine life and dressing sense ofwoman in Nidana ....... read more (1 - 14/06/2012)

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