Basic Amenities
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Life Accessories and Services of Village

Village is well connected to standard electricity services network provided by Haryana Vidhyut Parsaarn Nigam. There are 5 DC to AC electric transformers fixed at 5 different locations of village.


Connectivity (local as well as long routs):

  • Village is well connected to surrounding villages by link roads and trails.

  • To State Highway no. 10 at Nidana (Bada Adda). SH 10 starts from Sonepat and goes up to Adampur viaGohana-Jind-Barwala-Agroha.

  • To State Highway no. 14 at Pillu-Khera (9.8 kms away from village) in north via Chabri-Aasan. SH 14 starts from Panipat and goes up to Loharu via Safidon-Jind-Bhiwani.

  • To National Highway no. 71 at Gatouli (approx. 12.5 kms away from village) via Dhigana-Shamlo. NH 71 starts from Rewari and goes up to Jalandhar via Jhajhjhar-Rohtak-Jind-Narwana-Sangrur-Patda-Moga.

  • To National Highway no. 71 at Julana (14.9 kms away from village) in south via Dhigana-Ramkali-Karsola.

  • Nearest railway station for village is going to be Lalit Kheda on afresh under construction Jind-Sonepat rail line.

Private Transport: Private taxies, cabs, cars and auto services are easily available from main exit points of village. Door to door on the spot call or day-night emergency transport services are also available in village.

Public Transport:

  1. To Jind and via Jind long-route destinations: Public (Haryana Roadways and Co-operative societies) as well as private (buses and taxies) direct as well as linking transport is frequently available from Bada Adda of village.

  2. To Gohana and via Gohana long-route destinations: Same pattern as of point one.

  3. Jind-Nidana-Dhigana bus service: Specific to Nidana-Dhigana public bus service. Bus fleets in daily circular routine on almost every 1 or 1.5 hours gap from 6am earliest to 7pm latest making 7-8 rounds a day depending on season (winter and summer). Below is the seasonal time-table of bus circulation:

Bus Time Table: Dhigana-Nidana-Jind-Nidana-Dhigana
Winter Season
Summar Season
From Nidana
From Jind
From Nidana
From Jind
6.30 am
7.15 am
6.00 am
7.15 am
8.00 am
8.45 am
7.45 am
8.30 am
9.30 am
10.30 am
9.30 am
10.30 am
11.15 am
12.45 pm
11.00 am
1.00 pm
1.30 pm
2.30 pm
1.45 pm
3.00 pm
3.15 pm
4.15 pm
3.45 pm
4.30 pm
5.00 pm
5.45 pm
5.30 pm
6.45 pm
Local Transport Bus Service of Village

Note: This time table is subject to change due to season or on convenience of transport operating society. Please check with local bus service providers for accuracy.

Financial Services:

Central Bank of India: Oldest bank of the neighboring area and biggest financial services provider, situated on village’s one of main Bhanta street.

Western Union Money Transfer: In and out services for International money transaction office. They share office building with village’s Central Bank of India.

Life Insurance: LIC of India being the biggest along with other insurance companies provide various life insurance schemes and services in village.

Pension Schemes: Various pension schemes like senior citizen budhapa pension, service retirement pension are provided under regular government acts.
Village Office of CBoI

Communication and Entertainment:

Government Post Office: provides various money orders, check-funds, courier and letter posting services. Village postal code is 126114.

BSNL Telephone Exchange Office: provides landline telephone and internet services. BSNL mobile network tower assures a fast and uninterrupted mobile and wifi internet services connectivity in village. In agreement with BSNL other network service providers are Vodaphone and Airtel.

STDs and Phone Booths: There are around 3 STD booths in village, which provide emergency or long distance phone call services to villagers.

Local TV Cable Network: The main source of home entertainment it subscribes to almost all the channels broadcasting daily soaps, movies, news, sports, research & religion programs etc.

News Paper and Magazine Home Delivery: Almost all the local & national dailies can be subscribed in the village, local hawker deliver these on your doorstep. One can order for any periodic or magazine of his/her choice.
Telephone Exchange Tower at Firni (Outer ring road) of village

Agri Products Supply:

Fertilizers Distribution: Fertilizers distribution and agro subsidy center distributes urea and D.A.P. bags at subsidized rates under government schemes.

Note: More details about these functionaries will be provided with time.

Jai Dada Nagar Kheda Bada Bir

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