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Jai Dada Nagar Kheda Bada Bir

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Publisher: NHReL

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The list of issues/topics published on Nidana Heights till date under site' Art & Life section. Item are enlisted in alphabetical order:

Art & Life:

Articles in English:
  1. Changes in Haryana Villages
  2. Art of Haryanvi Kumhaars
  3. Woodcrafts in Haryana
  4. On trail of Rabaris
  5. Fading Frescoes of Haryana
  6. Crumbling Heritage of Haryana
  7. Kuans-Baolis of Haryana
  8. Saanjhi Ri - The folk art
  9. Salvaging Symbols of Haryana
  10. Magnificent Masonry Tanks
हिंदी में लेख:
  1. हरियाणवी भित्तिचित्र कला
  2. हरिगंधा लोकवार्ता
  3. हरियाणा का लोक-इतिहास
  4. हरियाणा की धर्मशाला-परम्परा
  5. हरियाणा की आहार परम्परा
  6. हरियाणवी बुनकरों की धरोहर
  7. संस्कृति के वाहक
  8. हरियाणा की धाड़ संस्कृति
  9. प्राचीन भारत को जाट/जट्ट की देन
  10. परिवर्तन के आयाम
  11. ग्रामीण लोक-इतिहास
NH Case Studies:
  1. Farmer's Balancesheet
  2. Right to price of crope
  3. Property Distribution
  4. Gotra System
  5. Ethics Bridging
  6. Types of Social Panchayats
  7. खाप-खेत-कीट किसान पाठशाला
  8. Shakti Vahini vs. Khaps
  9. Marriage Anthropology
  10. Farmer & Civil Honor
NH Banners & Messages
“Say no to Dowry”
Eliminate this sex inequality!
Human purchases vegetables, cattle even all routine courses in hand to hand give and take deal then why this blunder mistake in marriages that only girl’s side will pay and that too in double costs in terms of daughter and dowry both? Lets stop this male dominance and female discrimination. - NH
“Adore the girl child”
Say no to female foeticide!
If you can’t bear the birth of a girl child in your family, you should not expect a bride for your son. Invaders are gone, lets bring  back our divine period of Vedic times for our females. - NH
“Lead the Change”
Keeping the system of discussion alive!
Moving with time and adapting the change is the only key to sustain civilizations. - NH
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