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Social Behavior and Ethics

Relational and behavioral aspects of Nidana lifestyle:

Village culture revolves around principals of brotherhood; work is worship and lineage system on major scale (such other principals/aspects will be added with time and proper investigation and references). Below details put light on above mentioned key principals of life in Nidana:

Work is worship: As a worldwide fact, a human who focuses on work, considering it as worship and helps others in settling down their career and life in parallel, is respected and accepted sooner or later, directly or indirectly as utmost and best social and trustworthy person of village. It is believed that such person (male or female) not only sets own life but got a publically endorsed social stalwart status. That is why working as worship with social welfare dedication counted as most desirable life style in Nidana.

Lineage system: People deeply believe in their blood-relation and forefathers hierarchy, consequently there are various “Paanna”, “Dhoong”, “Tholaa” and “Bagad” defined chronically in local system. For an in detail understanding of lineage system please refer to “Social Panchayats” section.

Brotherhood: The spinal bone of Nidana culture:

  • Farmers and laborers of the village are innocent and honest to their work and behavior.

  • If you do contractual agriculture and by chance your crop was lost due to hailstorm, draught, flood or any other climatic tragedy, in that case land owner usually leave their share/contracted money amount for that season so that it could help you in overcoming from the grip of already facing climatic tragedy. There are many such examples, locally known among villagers.

  • If you are hapless but responsible and honest in your duties, the financially efficient people come ahead to take the responsibility of organizing any big functions of your family without charging any interest (especially like marriage of your daughter at their own expenses with a condition to pay back the money in reasonable time).

    In similar way if you seek to build up your career but not finding the way and if someone from your village circle is capable of or know the path you want to go, they support you to trace your journey on both moral as well as possible financial grounds. There are many such examples of good friendships and brotherhood famous locally.

  • Dangosra: You make a partnership on shares of working for each other to get yours and fellow person field tasks done on or before time. Both parties enjoy working in a mutually created pleasant and jolly working environment.

  • Lhaas: Lhaas is the mean of doing the village common and social works like pond digging, water filling in ponds and canal mud cleaning together. Lhaases are often financed by financially capable people of village.

Ethics and Values of Village:

Ethics: Like any other urban or rural community or society, Nidana’s also own its own socially agreed and accepted ethical beliefs. A few of them can be listed as follows:

  • Guest is God.

  • We live democracy in our nerves and blood.

  • Donation in public interest is the best charity.

  • Feeding and helping the needy and starving people (taking it as humanity and brotherhood) should be on priority of human kind.

  • Stealing wealth and manipulating own character is worst and that person is avoidable and deprivable.

  • Criticism should be for peace, harmony and betterment of social buildup rather for revenge or hurting purpose.

Golden pillars of social values of village: Social values are considered as the code of character, in a similar way as clothes to human body. Village golden ethical values are as follows:

  • A girl of any caste or religion of Nidana is sister to all Nidanias.

  • Girls from immediate neighbour villages are also your sisters and you should give due resepect to them. People of adjoining villages keep meeting at social panchayats to keep these values reminded to each other. One of such Panchayat held in 2003, of which myself also became a part as spectator to watch its proceedings. This meeting was to resolve the misunderstanding of young students of ours and our adjoining village over each others girls. Meeting was resolved with strict order that if any boy from either of village found guilty of any teasing or harashment to girls of either of villages, will be punished socially, which may thrash that boy and his family to social boycott.

  • It is the primary duty of every villager to protect village girl (married or unmarried) life and interests taking first point at focus.

  • On village standard social norms every girl of your surname worldwide is your sister across religions (For example: Malik surname is found in Hindu Jats, Hindu Harijans, Hindu Khatries, Sikh and Muslims Jatts, so it is suggested to adore all girls belonging to these groups as sister). Now a day it is becoming very odd but it has been among the highest height of Nidana social values and respect for one’s surname.

  • In due respect of rule 1 to 3, by birth Nidanias never marry with by birth Nidanias.

  • Nidana’s major core fellowship is Arya Samaaj.

  • Nidana don’t believe in any kind of idealism (gent lobby especially).

  • Nidana worships the character.

What modern whistle blowers and posterities (siblings of Nidana) must know about Nidana?:

Local rural youth also notice it that whatever is shown or seen through any print, audio or video media about our culture may not be the true to best of reflection of our society, culture, ethics and values. So before making any perception on seeing such content please go to your parents and grand-parents, consult with them and then only decide on its worthiness to realism. Here we present some such facts, which we feel to be talked on real root ground:
  • Neither there is nor there was any character in history of village like Amma Ji (of one of most famous serial, in which she was shown as unchallenged queen of the village), who had ever ruled the village for life-long and that too went unchallenged from any other villager.

  • Tradition of killing newly born girl infants openly and fearlessly as if it were their religion shown in some T.V. serials; neither in history nor in present any such trend found in practice in Nidana. As far as female foeticide is concerned it is the trend came into light in last two decades only and that too happen behind curtains. It is never accepted in society and is the crime of some wicked minded persons and on social norms it is counted as henius crime.

  • Ours is among the most democratic village found throughout India; where gap of distribution of resources among various castes is found minimum. Meaning to say is that the line between the poor and rich is minimum throughout India and our society is free of any thakur/amma versus greeb janta type of system.

  • Our village got its first school in 1935, so before comparing your village to any such program or presentation, you should be aware of it that ours is the village who have most graduated people in surrounding neighborhood.

  • There is no one seen or found sleeping emty stomach in my village on social terms.

  • There is no native noukar found calling Maalik to his/her employer, and it is all because of democratic thinking of villagers, which states the relation of Noukar-Maalik as "Seeri-Saajhi", means partners in day to day life starting from sorrow to happiness, eating to farming.

Social Revolutions of Village:

Anti-wine revolution (boys) of 90’s-00’s: As you may have come to read about Swami Ratan Dev Ji Sarswati under education section of website. Here thanks to the then youth of village, who got united and stood under Swami Ji’s leadership and promised to self to make Nidana a wine free village. The passion and dedication in every youth was so high that they did a 24*7 hours exploration on village entry roads, mud-ways and external periphery to ensure foolproof blocking of wine mafia in village. That who were alcoholic by habit or any other came under their scanning, his entry in village was allowed only after proper scanning. For those particular years til this mission continued, village especially the ladies saw the heavenly life in Nidana. A full list of all Swami Ji’s enthusiastic youth brigade will be made soon to display here. Swami Ji stood with them until his last breath. Your Nidana Nagri seeks your second incarnation Swami Ji!

Anti-smoking revolution (girls) of 90’s-00’s: One side Swami Ratandev Ji was dedicated to root out wine from Nidana with his youth brigade, on the other hand he was preparing base to root out smoking from village. For this he started from households, thou prepared the village young girls brigade to aware and oppose use of tobacco by elder house ladies and gents. Hukkas and other smoking stacks like biddies and cigarettes were on their specific target. During that era street flag marches and door to door health awareness and anti-smoking campaigns were usual scenes in village. Hope Swami Ji would have lived longer or have returned earlier, village should have become multiple times better than what it currently is.

At present day, village needs such charismatic person with more urgency than 90’s and 00’s. Everyone seems going directionless like “Apni-apni dafli, apna-apna raag”. No synergy and energy seen to stir together and discuss illnesses of society.

Jai Dada Nagar Kheda Bada Bir

Author: P. K. Malik

Reviewed By: Sanjeev Luhach

First Revision: 19/04/2012

Publisher: NHReL

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