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!!!......Knowing present and past of prosperity, heritage, sagas of pride and laurel, hidden chapters and secrets of own or surrounding estate, village, state or nation provides the base of healthy nation cum capable society........!!!
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Estate Chapters of Same Culture Villages
Motive: To depict empirical saga of cultural-democratic-historical-artistic laurel and heritage of Haryanvi villages/estates.

Estate Chapters:

Section is about promoting the sagas of Same Culture Villages spread across plains Ganges-Yamuna-Satluj of pre-1857 ancient Haryana, because it is in fact the Original and Real Haryana.

To spread out the sense of cultural indentiy, similarity and feel of common community, the synopsis and articles on/about/around a village are invited from villages around/across/throughout Haryana, Dilli, Western U.P. and adjoining to Haryana parts of Rajsthan and Punjab villages upto to the horizons of simiiar Haryanvi attire and life-style.

Below is the pro-forma or you can say proposed content layout for the minimum information around your village. You can add up additional information like photos and videos of/around your village and other likely to share facts and records of your village which might left unmentioned in this pro-forma.
धोंसा - म्हारी साझी संस्कृति का एक प्रतीक

Content Layout/Pro-forma:

This article/synposis should be void of any favoritism/casteism/racism. Equal presentation and mentioning of maximum/all sects/castes and identities would make it an ideal article. So any article based on demolarisation of a sect/sects or reflecting superiority of one over the other, would be rejected from scratch. Writers are requested to bring more and more of positive aspects of/around a social body/identity or belief, though reasonable criticism is accepted until or unless it affects the dignity of others. You can line up the content on below points and more:
  1. Geography, History and Demography of your village

  2. Social bodies such as invdividual and group caste councils like Khap and/or any other similar social institution

    • History and establishment of these bodies

    • Their connectivity or affiliation to each other like on the basis of social agreements, gotra agreements, panchayat agreements etc.

    • Key and famous persons (not just for shake of naming but one who is famous for spreading true justice and feel of equality in society)

  3. Any uniqueness of your village culture, life-style

  4. Photos/Videos of famous places/streets/fields/flora-fauna of your village

  5. Name of famous people of any field of any caste/relgion/sex/race from your village

  6. Any other such knowledge sharing based on your knowledge, study, experience and creativity around your village


  1. You can write in any of three languages i.e. Hindi, Haryanvi and English or a mix of two or all three of these.

  2. Please prefer to write in MS Word document. And while sending us you can send MS Word file itself or its PDF copy.

  3. In case if you have/know limited computer skills then write on papers and scan them or take photos of those pages and if not by self then you can seek help of any of your good friend good in IT.

  4. Naming the images and video: Though you can send them the way you are capable of but to get best and proper display of your infomation, please try to put the name of the image in its title itself, for example: for an image of your village Paras, name its file as, "Nai Paras-Bhanta Panna" and in similar way for others. Or if you prefer to prepare a sequence document with name and description for eah video and photo that would be best.

Sending Us:

Send us at this email: with following credentials about you:
  1. Your and your team details: Your full name, address, phone number, profession, highest qualifcation, sex. Plus same details of your team or the persons who helped you in preparing the article.

  2. Full official address of your village with details as: Village Name, Local Thana, Tehsil, District, State and Pin Code.

  3. Citations and references: Details about references used in your article.

Why we require your and your team details:

  1. First to have a proper reference to information displayed from our website about your village.

  2. Second, if tomorrow another team or person from your village send/s us any similar or different information about your village then in that case, it will help us in analyzing the identity, relevancy and trustworthiness of that information and if found necessary we may need your consultation.

  3. Yours and your team member's personal details will not be displayed on site, only your names will be displayed, rest of the details will stay in our private record for future communications.

How it will be displayed on Nidana Heights:

A special web-page will be built around the information about your village received from you and will be displayed in this manner:
  1. On Same Culture Villages for the content received in English

  2. On साझी संस्कृति for the content received in Hindi

  3. On संस्क्रति के साझी for the content received in Haryanvi

Process of correction/modification/rectification of displayed information and addition of new information:

  1. After first display of information provided by you online, if you find any kind of correction/modifcation needed, you are requested to send us your modification request or new information update at our admin id mentioned above under "Sending us" section and we will modify/update it with immediate effect.

  2. In the meantime, we are in the process of building a user-based blogging application with the help of which you would be able to maintain the information yourself.

Any charges or cost involved:

It is a free of cost service to enhance and promote our culture. You just need to send us the information from your end and we will display your content with best of technology and resources available with us.


  1. We would be following our "Disclaimer" and "Privacy Policy" {read from footer of any page (including this) of our website}, while displaying content/information from you.

  2. Anything reported objectionable on your content part from our user/visitor or found not fitting to our ethics and values, would be sent to you for review and it will remain off from site for the period of review a minimum. Reviews could be in terms of any modifications or verification required and/or confirmation on information.

Jai Dada Nagar Kheda Bada Bir

Author: P. K. Malik

First Edition: 04/11/2012

Publisher: NHReL

  • NH Advisory Board

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