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Village Alipur - North West (Delhi)
Pronunciation: अलिपर (Hariyanvi), अलीपुर (Hindi), Alipur (English)
Motive: To depict empirical saga of cultural-democratic-historical-artistic laurel and heritage of Haryanvi villages/estates.


Alipur is a census town (large village) in North West district in the state of Delhi, located at the NH-1 Delhi-Chandigarh National Highway surrounded by big towns of Bawana, Narela, Nangloi, Shakurpur and Azadpur.

Border Sharing and Near by Villages: Kheda Khurd (Mann), Kheda Kalan (Rana), Budhpur (Rana), Naya Baans (Mann), Holambi Khurd (Mann), Bakhtawarpur, Bakoli, Khampur and Jindpur (Rana).

About Kheda Kala (Rana) - 1-2 KM from NH1, Famous people are Jaswant Singh Rana (current MLA -Narela Assembly)

About Holambi Khurd (Mann) - situated on alipur narela road/passing railway line from here Delhi to Punjab, J&K, Famous School - Day Boarding Mann Public School.

About Village Mukhmalpur (Rana) - famous people are Delhi politician is Ch Heera Singh Rana (the father in-law of Dr. Yoganand Shastri current Speaker Delhi Assembly) Azad pur mandi (fruits and vegitables, it is said asia 's largest mandi) is named after Ch. Heera Singh, Ch Heera Singh Rana was metropolitian councillars (was equilant to Narela assembly) from Narela. He was renowned politician of Delhi, his samadhi is in his village.

About Pitampura-Pithopra (Beniwal) - (Near Rohini and Prashant Vihar), Famous people are Shri Sanjay Beniwal (IPS, was DCP of North delhi 8-9 years ago), Shri Dhramvir Singh Beniwal (ACP retired Delhi police) and Sh. Narender Beniwal (Inspector, SHO).


Origin of Village: An 80+ old senior lud from village says that the stone of the Kheda of Village was laid by Jats of Mann gotra some 500 years ago at current dada kheda spot of village. He further adds that our ancestors came from Garh Gajni near Lahor (currently in Pakistan) at that time. He also claim a bhaichara relation between three gotras of Jats i.e. Mann, Dalal and Sehwag. Mann is the Gotra of Kheda of Village.

Shaheed Park: In Alipur there is a shaheed park, managed and administered by MCD, there are 70 names written in the park. They were crushed to death by road-roller by Britishers for revolting in 1857, they were all jats and there clan name was Mann. There were only 70 families of Jats in this village at that time and all who were above 18 years of Age, were crushed to death by road roller in 1857. After this incident, the Britishers made a permanent stay in the village and set up a choki/thana to curb the Jats.

Migration of Muslims to Pakistan: At the time of partition of India in 1947, around 25% population of village comprised of muslims migrated to Pakistan..

Social and Cultural System:

Khaap of the village: Village belongs to "Mann Gotra Khaap also known as ATHGAMA" Khaap of area. Khap shares two Jat gotras bound in "Bhaichara" agreement of Jat culture and values i.e. Mann and Rana.

Religious Beliefs and Institutions: Just like any other typcial village of Khapland, village's biggest deity is the "Dada Nagar Kheda" of village. Village also has a big temple, which is called as "Bada Mandir" in local. Other than this there few other small temples too.

Village Demography: As of 2001 India census, Alipur had a population of 16,623. Males constitute 58% of the population and females 42%. AliPur has an average literacy rate of 68%, higher than the national average of 59.5%; with 63% of the males and 37% of females literate.15% of the population is under 6 years of age. Jats, Brahmins, Baniya, Nai, Kumhar and few scheduled Castes reside as native population of village.

Recent immigration of people from Haryana, Bihar and U.P. has a continuous inflow for almost last two decades.

Education and Economy:

Swami Shraddhanand College is a part of Delhi University established in 1967, run under the trusteeship of the Delhi government. Named after Arya Samaj educationist, Swami Shraddhanand, the college is in Alipur, in North West Delhi,. The college is one of the premier institutions of Delhi University. It is equipped with qualified teaching staff specialized laboratories and adequate library facilities.

Industry and Employment: Until recent years village had a good number of large and small scale industries including the residential area of village but after the formation of industry and development policies, these have moved to industrial zone of nearby Narela-Bhorgarh and Bavana.

Most of students from village do graduation a minimum. After that they pursue career either in government jobs (very less number), private sector jobs and businesses both.

Main source of income makes its part from rental and landing business.

Agriculture and Infra:

Agriculture: Village borders are expanded up to 3.5 kms of radius. Being in the national capital state village sows a diverse varieties of crops other than the traditional crops of Khaplan belt like Wheat and Mustard. The unusual crops includes vegetables and flowers.

Infrastructure: Village has a good connectivity by road to near by villages, national capital and neighboring states of Haryana and U.P. Regular transportation services are provided by D.T.C. Village has a minimum stadium for sports. Village has a big City Forest jogging park, which in past was a big seed farm house.

Note: More information about village history, social bodies, all point mention above and all other important aspects is to be added soon.

Jai Dada Nagar Kheda Bada Bir

Author: P. K. Malik

First Edition: 04/11/2012

Publisher: NHReL

  • Sanjay Singh Maan, works and lives in Delhi

  • NH Advisory Board

Notable Personalities of Alipur

1. Sh. Raj Singh Mann, the biggest politican village possesses til date. He contested M.P. General Elections in 1989 at the ticket of Janta Dal Party from South Delhi constiuency against Sh. Manmohan Singh (current P.M. of India) of Congress and Smt. Sushma Swaraj of BJP and lost to BJP candidate. You were the Deputy Chief of Delhi Pardesh Jatna Dal party during 1989 and was the chairman of Superbazar Association. You spent two in jail during emergency. You were influenced with the ideology of Ch. Charan Singh. You were M. A. in political science from Ramjas College Delhi University.

2. Dr. D.S. Mann, has been the Dean of Delhi University and Principle of main College of Malviy Nagar. He is a graduate from St. Stephan College Delhi.

3. Sh. Ran Singh Mann, has serverd as Joint Secretry in Central Government of India and has served on serveral responsibilities in Delhi University. He is brother to Dr. D.S. Mann. He is a graduate from St. Stephan College Delhi.

4. Sh. Vikram Singh Mann, is an IPS officer of Hydrabad Cadre

5. Sh. Ravinder Mann is a dignified pilot in Indian Air Force.

6. Dr. Desh Raj Mann (father of Raj Singh Mann) was a vetranary doctor from studied from HAU-Hissar.

7. Colonel Yudhwir Singh Mann, he joined the army in 1989 as II-Lt and serving the nation since then.

8. Sh. Surender Singh Mann (schooling from Rai Sports School, Bisvamil) is an advocate in Supreme Court (law degree from DU law faculty)

9. Sh. Bhavan Singh Mann (Brother of Dr. DS MAnn) was a Wing Commander in Indian Air Force.

10. Shrimati Nisha Mann (Ex-Councillars/Nigam Parshad/Ward-Alipur). Her husband Sh. Vedpal Mann is the General Secretary of Kissan Cell of BJP

11. Ch. Rishal Singh Mann was the village pardhan of Alipur for many times and was a Congress Afflicate and Grand father to Sh. Surender Singh Mann (Advocate-SC)
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