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Nirjan - Jind (Haryana)
Pronunciation: न्यरजण (Hariyanvi), निर्जन (Hindi), Nirjan (English)
Motive: To depict empirical saga of cultural-democratic-historical-artistic laurel and heritage of Haryanvi villages/estates.


Nirjan village is situated on Jind to Safidon-Panipat State Highway Number 14 at 5 kms away from Jind city HQ.

Border Sharing Villages: Its nearby villages are Mandokheri (1.5 km) to the northern side, Lakhmirwala (2 km) south east, Haibatpur (3 km) west, Manoharpur (2.5 km) east, Pandu Pindara ( 3 km) south and Jind city (5 km) south-west.

Nirjan is also the bus stoppage for the people of Lakhmirwala & Mando Kheri.


According to elders in the villages, the village was settled by the people of Phaur Gotra Jats, who came from Dhansoli village of Panipat district long back.


Nirjan has a population of around 5000 and has a village panchayat. The main casts in the village are Jats {Phaur Gotra (gotra of Kheda), small number of families of Sangwan, Dalal, Saraut, Malik, Rana & Kaliraman}, Brahmins, Goswami, Chamar (Ravidasi), Chuda (Balmiki), Jhimmar, Nai, Sunar, Dhanak and Saini.

Village has main 02 Panas i.e. Narwa & Nathan and has 07 Nambardars.

Infrastructure: Nirjan has a Govt High School, Govt Girls Primary School and 03 primary schools in the village boundary, 03 Aanganwadis, a primary Health Centre and Veterinary Hospital.

Religious Institutions:

Dada Nagar Khera, the prime center of worship and villagers own and all respected shrine is situated at the centre of village, which is respected by all. As said above its stone of establishment was laid by Phour Gotra Jats.

The village is also famous for Dera, which is spread in 20 acres of land. The saints of Gheesapanthi Sect are living and following their rituals. There is a huge Bhandara on every Purnamasi of Falgun month. A gaushala is also functioning in the Dera.

There is a sacred place also named as Sati on the road to Haibatpur, which is revered by the people of village & city.

Agriculture: Most of the people of the village are engaged in agriculture. The land is fertile and is well irrigated. The main crops are: Wheat, Sugarcane, Rice, Jawar etc. There are 02 main johads in the village with connectivity to Rajbaha.

Due to proximity to district HQ, people have got more job opportunity. People in Govt jobs are mainly Teachers & Defence personnel.

Note: More information will be added with time.

Jai Dada Nagar Kheda Bada Bir

Author: P. K. Malik

First Edition: 04/12/2012

Publisher: NHReL

  • Vijay Singh Rana, works and lives in Raipur, Chhattisgarh

  • NH Advisory Board

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