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Village Bahu Akbarpur (Badi Bahu) - Rohtak (Haryana)
Pronunciation: बड़ी बहु (Hariyanvi), बहु अकबरपुर (Hindi), Bahu-Akbarpur (English)
Motive: To depict empirical saga of cultural-democratic-historical-artistic laurel and heritage of Haryanvi villages/estates.


Bahu Akbar Pur is 700 year old village. The longitude and latitude is 28*54'39" north and 76*28'36" east District Rohtak in Haryana. The village is 10 k.m.away from Rohtak on NH-10.

Border Sharing Villages: Madinaa, Mokhraa, Gadh Teknaa, Laahli, Bhaali Aanand Pur, Dobh, Gaddi Khedi, Chhoti Bahu, Samargopal Pur (Khurd) and (Kalaan), Lidaanaa, Giraawad, and Singhpuraa.


According to one legend the village was founded by three brothers(sons of Ch.GusaaI Balhara ).When they reached this place on one fine day, the wife of the younger brother asked her son to tell his tau to unload his belongings some further away otherwise it will get crowded. The JAT got the message and started again. He stopped at Neemsera (Delhi)and sent back the message that"if it is still crowded I will go further. The village got its present name because it got divided between two brothers Akbar and Jamal some 150 years back for tax collocation. So bada gaon got the name of Bhau Akbarpur and chota gaon Bhau Jamalpur.

Social Institution: Village presides the "Choudhrahat for "Bahu Athgaamaa Khaap", Khap has its head quarter at Chhoti Bahu(Bahu jamaal pur).
खाप मुख्यालय भऊ अठ्गामा - भऊ जमाल पुर, रोहतक - हरयाणा।

Population: The population of the village is 15,000 (approx.). The main castes living in village are Jats, Brahmins, Naai, Baniya, Chamar (Ravidasi), Jhimmar. The gotra of kheda of village is "Balhara". Other gotras of village are Kundu, Nehra, Malik, Dalal, Bijaniya, Batra, Badsara, Pannu and Suhag.

Soon a complete list will be presented with details on all castes living in village with their respective gotras and percentage of total popuation.

Infra and Economy:

Economy: The occupations are Agriculture,Defence Services,Transport,Business and Animal Husbandry.


Public Services/Facilities
1. Senior Secondary School(boys).
2. Senior Secondary School(girls).
3. Disha Public High School.
4. St. Mary Senior Secondary School.
5. Siksha Bharti Senior Secondary School.
6. H.D. Senior Secondary Public School.
7. Surya Public High School.
8. 9 Anganwadis.

Spiritual (Mandirs):
1. Aryasmaj Mandir.
2. Radha Krishna Mandir.
3. Shiv Mandir.
4. Hanumaan Mandir
1. Punjab National Bank.
2. Rohtak cooperative bank.

1. Tau Davi Lal Stadium.

1. Tau Davi Lal Public Park.

1. N.C.C.Unit.
2. N.S.S.Unit.
4. Water Supply Works (Haryana's largest).
5. Lakes(johad)-06.
6. Fish Farm-01.
7. Canal's-02.
1. Maternity home.
2. Ayurvedic hospital.
3. Viklang Sahyata Kendera.
4. AIDS Control Center.
5. Veterinary Hospital.
6. Aawaara pashu kender

Panchayat Ghar:
1. Harijan choupal-02
2. General choupal-07.

1. Akhada Boras.
2. Akhada Ritehodi.

Bus Stands:
1. bus adda arya smaaj.
2. bus adda school.

Note: More information will be added on time.

Jai Dada Nagar Kheda Bada Bir

Author: P. K. Malik

First Edition: 15/12/2012

Publisher: NHReL

  • Ravinderjeet Singh Balhara, works and lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra

  • NH Advisory Board

Notable Personalities of Bahu-Akbarpur

1. Rtd. Major Gen. Mahavir Singh Balhara

2. Late Gen. Jung Smasher Singh Kundu

3. Late Preetem Singh Balhara - Distt. Cong. President in past

4. Manender Singh Balhara - Junior National Cycling Champion

5. Late Narender Singh Balhara - Singer, Actor

6. Late. Kuldeep Singh Balhara - Singer, Actor

7. Manjeet Singh - Singer, Actor

8. Dr. Joginder Singh Balhara - Lives in USA

Martyrs Of War:

1. Sp. Rawat Singh Balhara (1962)

2. Capt. Jasbir Singh Kundu (1965)

3. Lt. K. L. Batra (1965)

4. Nayak. Sajjan Siingh Balhara (1965)

5. Hav. Om Prakash Balhara (Kargil)
Videos of Bahu-Akbarpur
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