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Mirchpur - Hissar (Haryana)
Pronunciation: म्यर्चपर (Hariyanvi), मिर्चपुर (Hindi), Mirchpur (English)
Motive: To depict empirical saga of cultural-democratic-historical-artistic laurel and heritage of Haryanvi villages/estates.


Mirchpur village is located at Jind-Barwala road almost 15 kilmeters from away from Jind city. Village falls under Hissar district.

Border Sharing Villages: Intal Kalan, Kinnar, Nada, Khedi Lohchab, Jajwan, Rakhi-garhi, Malikpur, Gulkani, Rajpura Bhain


A research work is going on to get the exact history of village. But Arya Samaaj movements have the biggest influence since its establishment in 1875 by Swami Dayananda Saraswati because of which village is primarily know as a "Arya Samaaji" village.

Social Institutions:

Similar to any other village of Haryana, "BARAH Khap - The group of 12 adjacent villages" is the village's biggest social entity, who alway try its best to maintain the social peace and harmony in village.


Similar to other villages in Haryana and North India, our village got its "Dada Nagar Kheda" (small whilte temple without any statue or ideal) at its very establishment. Villagers believe and worships Lord Shiva and Lord Hanumana as their prime Gods. There is a temple in village, which is called a "Shiwalya' means temple of Lord Shiva. Mata Foolam Deh temple is famous in surrounding villages and districts, from where devotees in thousands visit the temple every year to express their devotion and get the blessings of Mata Foolam Deh. Malaksidh is the another famous devotee of village.


Village is a home to people from two religions i.e. Hindu and Muslim. Hindus comprise of more than 90% of population of village, of which almost 50% are Jats. Different castes from both religions living in village are Jats, Brahmins, Baniya, Balmiki, Chamar (Ravidasi), Kumhar, Teli, Naai, Doom and some others.

On the basis of population ratio, village comprise of "Dhanda Gotri" Jats as main faction along with Jats of Gill Gotra and some more. Village's Ravidasi' (Chamaar) biggest surname is "Saroha".

Employment: Village is known for having one teacher per family almost. A big pool of people's love toward defense services makes it the second biggest employment attraction for villages.

Main crops of the village are Wheat, Millet, Sorgem, Rice, Mustard and Cotton.

Famous Landscapes: Village boasts of having statewide famous perhaps the broadest and widest Pond (Johad), which is more than 1 kilometer in length. Other famous landscapes are the different Choupals (Paras), of which few are the historics one.

Note: More information will be added with time.

Jai Dada Nagar Kheda Bada Bir

Author: P. K. Malik

First Edition: 11/11/2012

Publisher: NHReL

  • Vijdender Singh Dhanda, works and lives in Kalka, Haryana

  • NH Advisory Board

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