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Marriage Anthropology
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Marriage Anthropology in Indian Context
NH Case Study - 9

Driven because of excessively and one sidedly face-washing of selective communities on the name of their traits, trends, values and customs about an holisitic custom of India, here presents the fair treatment met with a combination of analogy and benchmarking on the three major types of marriage lines found in India.

The custom talked here is the "Gotra Consideration" on marriages. Gotra plays major role in two types of marriages i.e. "With in gotra marriage" and "Out of gotra but within caste marriage". In case of third kind i.e. "Inter-caste/Inter-religion marriage" it depends on the first generation couple of these marriages, which line of the three they would opt for their posterities.

Prime focus of the study is Hindu Dharma Marriage Customs and if to precide on geographic bases it may further be concise to North-West India.

One may be surprised to see no category for "Love Marriage" as may got the impression from first reading. A due consider has been given to Love Marriage taking it a commonality found through-out all the three categories.

So here the author presents its analogy:

Marriage Anthropology and Psychology in Indian Context
Marriage Type
Within Gotra Marriage
Out of Gotra but within caste Marriage
Inter-caste/Inter-religion marriage
Right - Conservative
Central - Principle
Left - Liberal
To keep the woman in maximum emotional and bound controls
Gender equality consideration on respect but limited boundations on choice
Grand public opinion formation by being individual
Pro-active approach to keep the indirect psychological control on woman empire
Lead modern life by conserving the traditional values.
Society of individuals
Only girl is to be adopted to avoid the « Same Gotra Clash », never seen a boy adopted to sacrifice his gotra. (Threats of property inheritance rights for a male in a patriarchal society might be reason)

Mother Gotra has no respect/consideration, only father’s prevail.

Most patriarchal
Moderate Divorce Cases

Moderate Honor Killing
No same gotra marriage

Moderate Honor killing

Patriarchal mindset

Bottom divorce cases
Generally seen as no cultural or social affinity, no responsiveness on social fabric maintenance.

Often found socially deprived or limited to circle of certainty.

Highest suicide cases

Highest divorce cases
Lowest cases of inter-caste marriages, especially in top to bottom social standard approach
Love marriages are found at village level even but hesitance of going top to bottom on social standards found here too
Highest but often ended with struggling throughout life.
Love birds within gotra can practice the married life but girl only (as seen till date) has to adopt the gotra of other close relative via adoption.
Concept is based on gender equality, gotras of both male and female are given equal consideration and respect. Respect was even extended to gotras of grand-mothers in ancient times.
No patriarchal more liberal and friendly approach to kids but with in world of cubical thoughts
Seize the chances for girl opting for out of caste marriage by opening with in gotra option for her.
To avoid medical conspiracies, post-birth ill health impacts
Access to public loudness, no big friend circle.
Business and Artist
Priest, Agriculture and Skilled Labor
Mixture of exceptions across groups
To protect busienss and property (Business).

Complexion of being the most opened and advanced (artist).
The flag bearers and preserves of religion (priests).

Customs and values should be respected (Agriculture and Skilled Labor).
Every individual should live by choice but in practical and at the stage of maturity no such relieving ever seen.
Biggest spoiler of the community as a whole.
Dictats of medieval thoughts.
Biggest threat to social fabric
घुन्नयाँ नैं खो दिये गाम
उत्तां के नाम बदनाम
बाकी सारा कोहराम

Conclusion: Author finds that none of the method is bad or good; rather it is just the matter of your own understanding and choice but a proper knowledge transfer and extension of thoughts is a must to get the new age children decide and choose the best of their understanding and capability.

Special Note:
Analysis is made on general social perception and agreement without keeping any personal intentions or inclination toward one species of above. As fact as of this presenatation, reader may come with different opinion on this presentation, which I also feel necessity of, so readers may help us in presenting it more sophistically with their views on it.

Jai Dada Nagar Kheda Bada Bir

Compilation: P. K. Malik

Publisher: NHReL

Dated: 12/02/2012

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